About Le Club Calumet

The Franco-Americans from the City of Augusta believed it was right to form a club, to come to an understanding and to provide for the general interests of everyone from a social and civic point of view, for the propagation of the French language and the cultural development through music, literature, education and all other aspects that the club may deem suitable in the interest of its members.

Le Club Calumet’s goal is still to reinforce the fraternal/sororal and national bonds of the Franco-Americans.

Le Club Calumet will be recognized as a social and charitable organization; the goal of which is the moral, social and intellectual well being of its members and the moral and financial support of deserving causes.

Le Club Calumet is a motivating factor in the advancement of the Franco-American population in Augusta, Maine.  Ever since the founding of Le Club Calumet, the aim to promote the “development of Franco-Americans” has never been more evident than at the occasion of the formal organizing of the Educational Foundation in 1967.  Le Club Calumet has always been in the forefront in advising students to pursue their education.